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Be sure to call an electrician in at the early stages of planning and construction!

Residential wiring by Wurtsboro Electric

Wurtsboro Electric Service specializes in residential construction, as we feel it is an underserved market. Many electrical contracting firms pay scant attention to residential customers as they tend to favor commercial jobs, thinking that this is where the 'big money' is.

Unfortunately, homeowners suffer because of this type of thinking on the part of many electrical contractors. Commercial and residential electrical wiring are two completely different animals. Although many experienced electricians can competently do both types of work, the commercial electrician is not always the best choice for residential work.

Residential vs. Commercial

Residential electric work requires a different mindset. Most people building homes are planning long-term. Commercial work is inherently thought of as short-term occupancy. Work must be completed in a hurried manner (and commercial electric components are designed with that in mind) while residential work must be diligently planned and executed. An eye for detail is normally not top on the list of priorities for commercial electricians, as the occupants of these spaces are more forgiving of cosmetic blemishes. After all, they're not living there!

Be careful who you hire!

When building a home, owners should carefully scrutinize any tradesperson they hire. Many times, electricians just starting out will 'get their feet wet' in residential construction, as most people will not be as thorough in checking things like licensing, insurance, and references. Also, some builders and general contractors will seek out the cheapest electrician they can find, to keep their costs low and profit margins high. Unfortunately, it is the homeowner that must live with these choices for years to come.


When you choose Wurtsboro Electric Service to wire your new home, you'll leave all these worries behind you! Our years of experience and track record in residential construction combine to enable us to produce an end result that even the most meticulous customer will appreciate.

What can Wurtsboro Electric Service do for you?

We offer many amenities for your home in addition to basic electrical wiring. For instance, you may want to consider multi-room audio. This is a very popular product line and is a great feature in any size home.

For many homeowners, home automation technology is a must-have. Although extremely popular with owners of vaction and second homes, home automation systems can offer amazing features and convenience to every homeowner at a very resonable installed cost.

On a tight budget?

If extra features are attractive to you, but the construction budget is limited, consider that we can pre-wire your home for many of these luxuries, allowing you to add them in at a later time. In many cases, pre-wiring for home automation or multi-room audio adds only a negligible amount to the entire wiring cost, but saves many hours of labor when completing it in the future. Visit our coupon page for internet-only discount coupons for some of our services.

Using a general contractor to build your home? Make sure you insist on Wurtsboro Electric Service!

Many times general contractors and project managers will have a contract clause that allows them to specify the subcontractors or 'put them out to bid.' For some, this allows them to choose subcontractors that serve their interests instead of yours. Don't get trapped by this detail and give away your rights! It's YOUR home and you have every right to demand subcontractors that have your best interests in mind.

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