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I have an energy management device that I would like to mount inside my circuit breaker panel. Would this violate any NEC codes?

Without knowing anything about the energy management device you have, my answer would be that it is probably a violation.
As a rule, the only things allowed to be installed inside of a circuit breaker panel are devices listed for such usage. The manufacturer of the device can give you this information.

Also, keep in mind that even if the installation of the device inside of a service panel is recommended by the device manufacturer, it still would have to be approved by the manufacturer of the circuit breaker panel. This is usually not given, unless the device is made by the same company.

As an example, it is considered a violation of the Code to install circuit breakers made by one manufacturer into a panel made by another manufacturer unless specifically approved.

My suggestion is to install the energy management device into a separate listed enclosure.

I have a septic lift pump, two outlets and one light in my shed. I would like to add a pool pump to the existing 20 amp breaker. Do I need to change the 20 amp breaker to a 30 amp one?

You should never just swap one breaker for a larger one. Doing so is a fire hazard, especially if the existing wiring is not able to handle the increase in load.
For this many circuits, you should consider installing a sub panel in the shed, powered by an appropriately sized feeder. A licensed electrician would have no problem helping you with this project

Also, pool pumps require the use of a ground fault (GFCI) type circuit breaker for shock protection. There are also many other requirements specific to pool wiring that your electrician can assist with as well.

What causes a circuit breaker to trip generally? I am having trouble with one at my house now after trying to replace a couple of light bulbs.

Breakers trip when a circuit tries to draw more current than its rated value.
There is more information about circuit breakers on our website here.

How can I test federal pacific breakers? What testing equipment or tool required? I usually always replace these but was recently asked about testing them.

I'm not familiar with anything I that I could suggest for testing your circuit breakers. Due to the checkered past these panels have, it's always advisable to replace the entire service panel.


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