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How can I convert a three phase motor to a single phase? I don't have 3-phase power available.

The simple answer is - you can't.
There is no way to run a three phase motor directly off a single phase service without having the motor rewound.
However, you can purchase a phase converter that would convert your single phase electricity to 3-phase to power the motor. Depending on the motor load, you could use either a rotary or a static phase converter.

I have a 20 amp dedicated electrical line powering a motor which draws 9.7 amps. I want to put a second one in as a backup. What is the probability that the 20 amp circuit breaker would trip if both started at the same time?

Without more specific information about the motor, I can’t provide the exact answer you need. But generally speaking, there is a good possibility that it would probably trip, as motors draw multiple times their rated amperage during initial startup.

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