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What is a monitoring service and why do I need to use it with my security system?

A monitoring service, sometimes referred to as a central station, is a vital link between your security system and the authorities. In the early days of security systems, when there was an alarm a tape dialer would call the police or fire department from your house and a recording would tell the dispatcher about the alarm at your house and provide an address. There were several problems with this system: 1. it was slow; 2. it was prone to false alarms, and accidental emergency dials, and; 3. you couldn’t ask it questions for more information, such as directions, etc. 
Needless to say, tape dialers quickly fell out of favor with the authorities and many municipalities moved to ban tape dialers from calling them directly. They wanted a buffer zone between them and the alarm panel to avoid wasting precious resources responding to false alarms. Thus was born the central station.

The job of the central station monitoring service is to act as an intermediary between your alarm panel and the authorities. They take the call from the panel, call the subscriber back to verify the alarm, and then call the police or fire department, if necessary. Since the inception of the monitoring service, tape dialers went out of existence, replaced by computers that communicate with the mini-computer in your alarm system. These digital links allow the alarm event to be transmitted to the central station operators in a matter of seconds. They can even send information such as specifically what door or motion detector set off the alarm. This equipment also has the ability to minimize false alarms, thereby saving a lot of time responding to false alarms.

All this protection comes at a (normally) very reasonable monthly cost to the home or business owner. Most alarm monitoring services are in the range of $16.95 to $19.95 a month for a typical home or small business. If you are paying more than that, you might want to consider shopping around for a better price. In the case of alarm monitoring, a higher monthly service fee doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting better service!

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