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I have a Murray circuit breaker panel in my house, but I can't find any replacement breakers for it. Can I use a Cutler Hammer BR breaker if it fits? 

There should be a label on the inside door cover of your panel that specifies what brand of circuit breaker you can use in your service panel. Technically, a Cutler-Hammer BR style breaker would fit in the slot, but you may be violating the panel’s warranty (and the UL, CSA, or other safety certification) if you use a circuit breaker not designed for use in your panel. Some manufacturers, such as Siemens, make several brands of breakers that easily fit into different panels (although you should check the panel label for acceptable replacement). In other cases, you may find incompatibilities within the same brand, such as Square-D QO series and Homeline series, or Cutler Hammer’s BR series and CH series. In these instances, you’d have a hard time making an incompatible breaker fit in the panel.
The reason why you should use caution before interchanging circuit breakers with different service panels is because there are subtle differences between brands of circuit breakers. In some cases, pitting or arcing of the breaker or the service panel bus bar could occur when using mismatched brands. This pitting may eventually cause the circuit to fail, damaging both the breaker and the panel beyond repair.

How many neutral conductors are required for three 120 volt circuits originating in a 208 volt, three phase panel, where each circuit is on a different phase?

Three single phase 120 volt circuits from this panel (one on each phase), requires only one neutral conductor.

However, you can't use separate single-pole breakers. You have to use either a 3-pole breaker or there must be an approved handle tie on the breakers to ensure that ALL ungrounded conductors are turned off in the event of a short circuit on one, or the need for maintenance on any of the three circuit.

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