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I want to replace my indoor recessed floodlights with LED ones but the existing housings aren’t deep enough for my selected LED bulbs. Does this mean I would need to replace all my cans or is there an easier way?

You may have to replace the housings as well as the lights and trims. Note that with LED lighting, there is an LED driver that is used to make them work. Some manufacturers build the driver into the housing, while others build them into the bulb assembly. If your light has a housing-mounted driver, then you definitely have to replace everything.

Note that many manufacturers offer retrofit LED lamps that can be used in any housing. It might be more economical to use one of these products instead.
One other note: if you decide to replace the entire housing, be sure to use IC rated ones if they come in contact with insulation or any other combustible material to avoid a potential fire.

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