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I have a sodium light fixture with a blown out bulb. Can I use a lower wattage bulb or do I need to use the bulb wattage marked on the ballast?

You should always use the bulb that the fixture is designed for. Using a bulb that is too small or too large (or another composition such as metal halide or mercury vapor) will either cause premature bulb failure, or possible overheat and failure of the fixture's ballast.

I attached a dusk to dawn photocell to an existing light fixture. The fixture uses a 75 watt bulb, but the photocell adapter says it works up to a 150 watt bulb. Which wattage do I need to abide by?

If the light fixture has a limitation of 75 watts, then that's the largest bulb you can use. Otherwise, it would be the smaller of the photocell adapter, or the rated maximum wattage allowed for use in the fixture.

I have a 50 watt metal halide light fixture that is putting out 302vac at the socket. What could cause that?

That's what they're supposed to do. The ballast of a high-pressure lamp (and also many fluorescent lamps) will supply a higher voltage than the input voltage to enable the lamp to strike.

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