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I recently had a ‘free’ home alarm system installed. It is a simple system for doors only and they connected it to my dryer’s 220 outlet. They said that they did this because it was the closest one. Should they have done that?

Probably not. Most alarm systems are powered by a 120 volt plug-in or direct wired transformer. If the installer derived 120 volts from the 240 volt (220) dryer circuit, then this is a violation of the Code and an unsafe condition.

If you have an alarm panel that is supplied by a 240 volt circuit (which is doubtful if you are located in the USA), then it may still be unsafe as most dryer circuits are protected by a 30 amp circuit breaker or fuse - double the maximum size needed for an alarm panel.

I would have a licensed electrician correct the wiring issue if I were you.

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